Investment Properties & Real Estate in Michigan

Purchasing real property in Western Michigan is a fantastic way to invest for the long term. Whether you are looking to purchase a lake front get away, or a small apartment in the Grand Rapids to rent out, or we will help you reach your goals.  Our listings stay up to date with the most recent steal-deals, whether countryside dream homes to retire in, or fixer-uppers for ambitious couples to turn over, and modest properties. Whatever budgetary limitations you have, we aim to help you attain any additional property you are interested in investing in. At Pyxis Realty we will use our years of expertise in the field to help acquaint you with the current market, the plethora of properties you could consider, as well as any up and coming areas that may be worth an investment.  Contact us with any questions or queries, and we would be happy to help guide you through the process of investing in Grand Rapids real estate, whatever your goals may be.

Latest Lake Front Real Estate