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West Michigan has a great assortment of amazing small towns and suburbs to go along with our beloved bigger cities, like Grand Rapids, Holland, and Kalamazoo. When you're looking for a West Michigan realtor, you want someone who not only understands the West Michigan real estate market (and Grand Rapids real estate market), you want someone who knows and loves the diverse local communities in our area, like the team at Pyxis Realty!


Located northwest of Grand Rapids proper, Sparta is a long-established farming community. If you take Alpine Avenue north, it becomes M-37, one of the fastest ways to travel on the west side of the state. M-37 skirts the western boundary of Sparta Township, allowing visitors a quick and easy way to come into town. There is also an exit off of US-131 that allows for quick access, but it is actually several miles north and east of the township. Whichever way you travel, there's plenty to see!


Sparta is surrounded by sprawling orchards and agricultural areas. From industrial corn and soy to fields full of pumpkins, all kinds of plants and produce are grown by people in the Sparta area. Of course, as the host of the Michigan Apple Festival every fall, Sparta is best known for its pome fruit, but that is far from the only kind of farming that takes place around this township.


The town itself is quaint, with many traditional and historic buildings on the main streets. The residential areas have seen substantial growth over the last decade, with new subdivisions and housing bringing even more people into this town. There are separate school facilities for the grade school, middle school, and high school, though they are all grouped together at the south central part of the township. There are several parks, with big expansions to area outdoor recreational spaces rolling out over the next few years. Those parks host a wide assortment of events, from Harry Potter at the Park to movies and concerts at the Roger's Park bandstand every summer.


When it comes to food, Sparta has a lovely assortment of options. From the Maxine's, where there are great breakfast specials and Maria's Pizza to Downtown Trini's, a well-loved local Mexican restaurant with a full bar, there are plenty of options without even mentioning the variety of chain restaurants available in the township as well. Sparta has some excellent options when it comes to drinks, as well! Cellar Brewing has made Sparta its home since the business' inception and has recently expanded its offerings from just amazing, local brews to include locally-distilled hard liquors!



Whether you're looking for a nice home in the town itself, within walking distance of the incredible, two-story library, or a sprawling parcel outside of town to call your own hobby farm, there is a lot to be found in Sparta. If you're in need of a Sparta realtor, call the team at Pyxis Realty today to see what's available!